Embroidary Digitizing Services

We are group of highly skilled professional

If you’re seeking for Quality Embroidery data converter, whom you'll be able to believe with all of your digitizing work, while not being anxious for quality, cost, and turnaround, then you’re at the proper place. We provide you marvelous digitizing services that area unit merely best at intervals the trade. However, thanks to our recognition because the leading digitizing company, we've got systematically endeavored to deliver outstanding collaboration to our customers that area unit certified through the appreciation that they recommend to us. Here is a few indisputable motives that will stimulate your attentiveness to our offered convenience remoter.

We offer you the reasonable value at intervals the marketplace for digitizing your styles and our turnaround is that the quickest while not uncertain. We tend to area unit ne'er afraid of going the long-term for our customers and therefore perpetually work with you to achieve desired results that delight every demand that you simply create with us. Our quality of labor is on the far side compare and that we perpetually give you splendid services.

Hand embroidery

One of the oldest and primitive technique used for embroidery but can never be outdated. We ensure to glorify the look with our hand embroidery services.

Stitching embroidery

Our hand craft stitching experts bring out luxurious look to your patterns giving a glimpse of the traditional work.

Image Digitizing

Old images can also be brittle and digitizing them enables you to adjust colours digitally and to fix scratches, fold marks, and other damage.

Machine embroidery designs

which give you a professional touch that cannot be achieved with printing.

Left Chest digitizing

left chest digitizing services a great art. A adequate design and digitized logo stand-out over the left chest – giving more visibility and brand identification.

3D Puff Embroidery Digitizing

Applicationof 3D embroidery means producing better outcome and low production costs and time.

Applique Digitizing

Applique is an outstanding method for an embroiderer to customize their design and make it their own. Whether the aim is to add some energetic colours and patterns, add a personal touch to a piece of embroidery, orwhatever your observation might be, applique is a great solution to get that extra little bit of aptitude that you want.

Cutwork designs

are one of the best ways for any garment to look fashionable and fancy, without giving up on comfort for the wearer and affordability. Our cutwork designs are very sophisticated yet feminine which are inspired by Indian and western motifs.

Sketch embroidery

brings liveliness look to your designs. Here in EMBRO DIGI, we provide the creative sketch embroidery influenced with nature.

Patch Digitizing

Makingpatches on a product necessitate hard work and dedication of an expert of domain. Whether you want custom patches on your clothing or on any other fabric, you can take the help from EMBRO DIGI. We are the leading patch digitizing provider offering custom patches according to the customer’s requirement.

Logo Digitizing

To vow our embroidery digitizing high calibre, we run all embroidery logo designs on our single-head embroidery machine; we make use of the very same fabric (product) that the digitize logo is most likely to be embroidered on. We make the required reconciliation to obtain the best outcome conclusion.

Image digitizing Service

We provide Image Digitizing Service by highly qualified image processing technicians. Ensuring each and every image is first air cleaned and then manually scanned. Later, each scanned image is processed for colour correction, brightness adjustment, scratch & blemish removal, shadow adjustment, red-eye removal and dust removal to give the best possible output.